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CITIE Framework
A framework that sets out the policy levers city governments can use to support innovation and entrepreneurship
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Diagnostic Tool
An online tool to allow cities to explore their performance and assess how they compare to their peers
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A series of case studies for cities to learn about global best practice in different policy areas
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why is it important?
Innovation and entrepreneurship play an increasingly vital role
in the economic fortunes of cities

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high growth companies

Young innovative companies bring new ideas and technologies to digitally contestable markets, have proven resilient to the downturn and show high growth potential for the future
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the jobs of tomorrow

The labour market is increasingly fluid and mobile. Startup ecosystems have become symbols of urban vitality creating jobs that rely on skills increasingly vital for cities of the 21st century
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21st century governments

The role of the city and its relationship with businesses and citizens is changing as city governments pivot from provider to facilitator. Our framework codifies these roles in policy terms
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