top 5 Performing cities

Overall performance: Four peer groups

All 40 cities have been clustered into one of four different peer groups, based on their overall performance. These peer groups are designed to provide cities with others to compare themselves to and learn from.

Future Citie - Catapult

Average profile of Front Runner cities

1. front runners

Crafting a rounded innovation ecosystem

Front Runners tend to be global cities that are able to build on the foundations of well-established innovation practices and mature entrepreneurial ecosystems. To remain at the frontier, Front Runners need to work on harnessing the value of big data and predictive analytics.

Future Citie - Catapult

Average profile of Challenger cities

2. challengers

Catalysing rapid ecosystem growth

Challengers are ambitious and dynamic cities riding a wave of technology-enabled growth. They are usually following a published growth strategy that embeds innovation and entrepreneurship across a range of policy areas. This is reflected by an uptick in performance against the City as Strategist policy area.

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Average profile of Builder cities

3. builders

Actively building an innovation agenda

Builders are at a stage of rapid transition, actively investigating policies to enhance their budding ecosystems. Builder cities are also targeting policy areas which are not always directly targeted at innovation per se, but which have the effect of creating a more conducive environment for entrepreneurship within the city.

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Average profile of Experimenter cities

4. experimenters

Testing new approaches for growth

Experimenter cities have yet to take decisive action to prioritise innovation and entrepreneurship. This is particularly evident across City as Advocate, City as Investor and City as Strategist policy areas, indicating a lack of focus on innovation and entrepreneurship as a mechanism for growth.