On this page you will summaries and links to all of the CITIE reports published to date;

1. CITIE: A resource for city leadership

2. CITIE: The Nordic Analysis

3. CITIE: The Northern Powerhouse Analysis

4. CITIE: The Scotland Analysis


citie-2015-cover1. CITIE: A resource for city leadership

This report is an introduction to the CITIE framework (City Initiatives for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship), analysis and results for 2015. We researched how 40 leading cities from around the world are supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. We tested against a series of metrics that collectively answer three questions:

  1. How open is the city to new ideas and new businesses?
  2. How does the city optimise its infrastructure for high-growth businesses?
  3. How does the city build innovation into its own activities?

Our analysis revolves around nine policy roles that city governments can adopt to support innovation and entrepreneurship. The roles are Regulator, Advocate, Customer, Host, Investor, Connector, Strategist, Digital Governor and Datavore. They are designed to cover the full range of a city’s operations.

CITIE is designed to be used by policymakers in cities. To the greatest extent possible, it focuses on those policy levers that city governments have at their disposal, although this inevitably varies from place to place.

Download the full report here: CITIE: A resource for city leadership

Published: June 2015



2. CITIE: The Nordic Analysis

The CITIE Nordic Analysis adds Stockholm and Oslo to the 40 cities already assessed under the framework, and takes a detailed look at the policy environment that makes the Nordic region work so well for entrepreneurs.

The report finds that Copenhagen, Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo show “a consistently strong level of high performance” in developing and implementing the policies required to underpin a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. They are out-pacing their European neighbours in policy leadership by a significant margin, and also out-performing North American cities across many key policy roles.

Download the full report here: CITIE: The Nordic Analysis

Published: November 2015


citie-northern-powerhouse-cover3. CITIE: The Northern Powerhouse Analysis

This report, which is written by Nesta, Accenture, and Future Cities Catapult, focuses on the performance, potential for innovation, and entrepreneurship in the context of devolution in the Northern Powerhouse region.

It assesses the entrepreneurial ecosystem in six city and combined authority regions in the North of England: Greater Manchester Combined Authority Region, Hull City Region, Liverpool Combined Authority Region, North East Combined Authority Region (incorporating Newcastle and Sunderland), Sheffield City Region Combined Authority and West Yorkshire Combined Authority (incorporating Leeds and Bradford).

Download the full report here: CITIE: The Northern Powerhouse Analysis

Download the Executive Summary here: CITIE: The Northern Powerhouse Analysis – Executive Summary

Published: June 2016


citie-scotland-cover4. CITIE: The Scotland Analysis

This report written by Nesta, focuses on the performance, potential for innovation, and entrepreneurship in the seven Scottish cities that form the Scottish Cities Alliance – Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Perth, and Stirling.

Download the full report here: CITIE: The Scotland Analysis

Download the Executive Summary here: CITIE: The Scotland Analysis – Executive Summary

Published: September 2016